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Kirstin N. Fuller aka ‘The Travelin Diva’ is one of the co-creators and senior writers for BlackGirlsDrive.  She began her blogging career  on the popular travel blog Passenger156 where her love of cars evolved into the popular ‘Road Trip’ feature.  The daughter of a self-taught mechanic, her love of cars began at an early age watching her father and brothers work on the family cars. Her dream cars are Range Rover and the Bentley Continental GT,  but the Porsche Panamera might be added to the list soon.

P.S.  She loves a fab  pair of sunglasses too and always keeps a pair in each car (lol).

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About Us

BlackGirlsDrive was started by then Blogging Buddies Kirstin N. Fuller, Taheera Espinoza, and Keisha J. Reed to help black women become more educated, celebrated and respected automotive consumers.  Kirstin Fuller is now the sole automotive content creator for BlackGirlsDrive and thoroughly enjoys bringing readers the latest from the automotive world. 


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