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Cleaning Your Car During COVID-19!

The one thing we’ve all learned to do during this global pandemic is how to wash our hands and disinfect surfaces (lol). It’s now more important than ever to clean the interior of your car…frequently!

As the country re-opens more business, malls, and recreational activities it’s crucial to frequently clean the commonly touched surfaces in your car. The steering wheel, the gear shift knob, touchscreen, and door handles should all be cleaned with a disinfectant. Create a routine, it only takes a minute.

To protect your health and your passengers, keep these items readily available in your car:

  • Disinfectant wipes. Use disinfecting wipes to clean frequently touched surfaces. Don’t forget the door handles, headrests, sides of the seats, and the dashboard.

  • Hand sanitizer. Alcohol sprays can dry your hands out. A hand sanitizer gel is another easy to use option to clean and sanitize your hands especially after shopping or pumping gas.

  • Alcohol spray. If you’re not a fan of wearing gloves, keep an isopropyl alcohol spray in your car and use it when you return to your car after shopping. Can’t find any to buy, make your own.

  • Extra face coverings/masks and gloves. Someone riding with you is bound to forget their face mask. Pack extras so everyone can shop and complete their necessary errands.

These tips are only a suggestion. Always do what makes you feel comfortable and protects your health. For more tips on cleaning your car during COVID-19

Stay healthy. Stay home. Drive Safe.



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