The Fab New 2018 Toyota Camry Has Arrived!

This is not your Momma's Camry!!!

The Re-designed 2018 Toyota Camry Is One for the Books!

Made Ya Look! Yes...that's a Toyota Camry.

I recently attended a private lunch hosted by Toyota at River Farm in Alexandria, VA. to reveal the totally redesigned 2018 Toyota Camry. Let’s just say this is not your Moms, Aunts or your girlfriends Camry. The 2018 Toyota Camry has a fabulous new attitude with a sleek, sexy, sport inspired body style.

Say what now?!

The 2018 is the 8th generation Camry and has been totally revamped from top to bottom. The Camry (and Toyota) have a reputation for reliability and durability. This sport-luxury version aims to change that narrative to include sleek, sporty performance driven sedan with a totally unexpected body style and interior that is nothing but luxurious. BlackGirlsDrive would like to be the first to say that Toyota has succeeded! Here's what we thought of the 2018 Toyota Camry after the preview...

What we loved:

  • Fabulous new body design! Toyota went in a totally new direction with the 8th generation Camry. Everything on this car has been redesigned. The rims, the seats, the headrests and of course the engine were all revamped. The new body style is sleek, sexy and sporty. It’s definitely a head turning design.

Everyone was immediately drawn to the sport inspired leather interior and black sport rims.

The black grill is sleek, aggressive and sporty all at once.

The black grill is sleek, aggressive and sporty all at once.

  • Luxurious driver friendly interior. The interior is just as sleek, sexy and sporty and the exterior. I really love the sophisticated angular yet flowy design of the dash and the console. I especially love the layout of the touch screen and the climate control area with the unique wood (on XLE model) trim/accents.

We love the sleek angular dash layout. It makes all of the controls easily accessible. #WeLoveIT

The red leather interior evokes comparison to Bentley interiors.

Take a peak at the equally gorgeous Camry XLE interior...

Love that subtle yet elegant wood trim only available in the XLE models.

The XLE interior is nothing but luxurious!

  • TSS-P package! A lot of cars offer safety features like blind spot monitoring. Toyota Safety Sense package takes it to a new level. This safety package has a few fabulous safety features that are unique to only Toyota. Our favorites are: the pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, whiplash-injury lessening front seats, dynamic radar cruise control (no more speeding tickets lol) and brake assist with smart stop technology. TSS-P is standard on every Camry!

The XLE's sporty yet elegant grill!

What we’d like to see:

  • 2-door Sport Coupe! I know, I know the 2018 Toyota Camry is already sporty a ride but as a former Camry- Solara owner I’d love to see what the Toyota designers could come up with in a coupe.

  • Heads up display. The heads-up display is available in the V6 XLE and XSE models. I’d like to see it offered in the 4 cylinder XLE and XSE models as well. Why should the V6 owners have all the fun?! (lol)

  • Cooled seats! I have to admit that I love the heated seats in the winter. Certain people I know (David Smith lol) are fans of cooled seats in the summer time. So this request is totally for him.

The XSE is sporty all the way down to her rims.

There are several trims or option levels available on the 2018 Camry. If you’re like me and keep a car until the wheels fall off (lol), you only need to look at two trim/option levels (IMO). The XSE or the sport model and the XLE aka the luxury model are your option levels. These levels give you all the luxury and tech options that you’ll expect and want in a sport sedan. My favorites include the panoramic glass sunroof, the heated leather seats, blind spot monitoring, touch screen with back up camera and navigation. The XLE has the fabulous wood trim accents we loved and both levels have the heads-up display (that I now can’t live without lol) in the V6 models. I firmly believe that you should never settle, get all the options you want in your car. Be happy!

The 2018 Camry's luxurious red leather interior will put a smile on any face!

Pricing: $32,049 - $37,894 | Fuel Economy: (4 cycl.) 28 city/39 hwy (6 cycl.) 22 city/32 hwy

Pricing listed is for the XLE and XSE models.

Overall I really enjoyed learning about and driving the newly re-designed Toyota Camry at River Farm. I would love to take one on a road trip to get an extended feel of how it handles on the highway.

What do you think of the 2018 Toyota Camry?

Throw on a fab pair of sunglasses & let’s ride!

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By Kirstin N. Fuller #BlackGirlsDrive

**All photos taken by Kirstin N. Fuller.**

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