Your Car Will Take Care of You, How You Take Care of It!

We love a good car care tip on Black Girls Drive. My Dad used to always say, “your car will take care of you, how you take care of it!” He never lied (lol). Here are a few car care tips to keep your ride pretty and running smooth & efficiently.

Freshen Up!

Dirty air filters can reduce your mileage by 10%. So, change your air filters per your manufacturers recommendation. Letting your dealership replace them, can be costly (upwards of a $100 or more based on the make and model). This is totally a DIY car care project. You can replace them yourself and trust us when we tell you it’s super easy. There are tons of videos on YouTube to help. You can buy your own air filters at your dealership or big box retailers like Walmart, Advance Auto or Auto Zone.

Rubber Meets the Road!

Tire maintenance is an important part of car maintenance. Remember, your tires are the only thing separating your car from the road. Rotate your tires ever 5-7,000 miles for maximum wear and increased performance. Perform a visual inspection after hitting a pothole or going through road debris. Regularly check your tire pressure after you fill up for safety and best gas mileage.

Wax On…Wax Off!

You’re probably thinking that waxing your car is not a true car maintenance tip. Keep in mind that your cars’ exterior takes a beating during winter months. Moisture and salt are a corrosive duo and will eat away/destroy your paint. Your cars’ paint protects the car’s aluminum body. Once the paint has been damaged, the aluminum is exposed which can lead to additional damage, i.e. rust! A good wax job is the best way to protect your paint from corrosive materials.

We hope these tips are helpful. In the comments, please share with us your favorite car care tips.

By Kirstin N. Fuller



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