Why We Should Always Buy A Maintenance Plan For A New Car!

I Will Always Buy A Dealer Issued Maintenance Package for My Car & You Should Too!

I’m the proud owner of a gorgeous 2016 Soul Metallic Red Mazda 6 Grand Touring sedan. She’s (yes, it’s a girl and her name is Karlie Redd lol) sporty, sexy, cute and of course #Fabulous! How do I keep her road trip ready? I initially bought a maintenance plan for her and I use it for all the plan covered and supplemental services.

My 2016 Mazda6 GT!  She's cute even in the rain (lol).

My plan (called the VIP package) cost $899 (one-time fee) and I receive four oil changes a year and two tire rotations, free loaner cars, courtesy wash with service, significant discounts on needed services outside of the plan and more! This plan is in effect for as long as I own this car. Now you may be thinking oil changes aren’t expensive, so this is not a big savings. I have to disagree with you my friend.

My car is a sport sedan with a turbo package which requires synthetic oil. Synthetic oil changes cost more and for this car, they cost anywhere from $89-$100 (my SUV’s synthetic oil changes are $189). Tire rotations can cost anywhere between $75 and $100. If you’re an avid driver and you use your plan covered 4 oil changes and 2 tire rotations a year, you spend $0. If I didn't have the maintenance package, I would spend $514 per year and if I keep this car for 5 years, I'll spend $2570 in oil changes and tire rotations alone. These prices are based on current services fees, keep in mind service fees will increase in the coming years. Let’s be real for a moment. These services can add up and usually come around the time money is tight. My maintenance plan will save me $1,671 over a 5-year period.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan!

Here’s another example. It’s time for my 15K service (don’t laugh I don't drive her that much anymore, I’m unemployed lol). Normally that service would be $297. This service includes oil & filter change, tire rotation, cabin air filter change, engine air filter change and inspection & refill of other important fluids. My plan covers the oil & filter change, and the tire rotation. So, I only have to pay for the cabin air & engine filters to be changed. Discounts with my plan bring that total to $79! #Winning

So, if you’re buying a new car invest in a maintenance plan/package. Some brands/dealerships offer complimentary 2 years/25,000 miles maintenance plans. If they don’t offer one, you better ask somebody (lol)! I’m also a fan of extended warranties. If you’re like me and drive a car to the wheels fall off, you need a maintenance plan and an extended warranty. A girls’ gotta be road trip ready and covered at all times!


Kirstin N. Fuller

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