Car Care Tips During the Polar Freeze!

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Most of the country (85%) is currently experiencing a rare polar freeze! Chicago, DC and Atlanta are just a few of the cities experiencing bitter cold, ice and snow storms. As Atlanta prepares for a big sporting event, temperatures are dropping below zero which is dangerous for everyone and everything. Authorities are urging everyone to stay inside and not venture out unless you absolutely have to go outside. If you do venture outside during the polar freeze, cover every part of your body and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the blinding winds.

For most of us, our vehicles must stay outside during all types of inclement weather. Freezing temps can also have a devastating effect on cars.

Here are a few tips for your cars during the polar freeze:

  • Gas Up! Keep at least a half a tank of gas in your car! This will help keep the fuel line from freezing.

  • Blankets, Blankets & More Blankets! Keep an extra blanket or two in your car just in case you get stranded. Those blankets will help keep you warm till you get moving again and can turn your heat on.

  • #StayPowered Also keep a charged power bank or two in your car or day bag. You’ll be able to keep your phone charged if you become stranded.

  • Slow down! Nothing is built for ice and all ice especially the kind you don’t see is dangerous. So please so down and be careful.

Take care of your rides and stay warm dolls!

- - Kirstin N. Fuller


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