FastPark: The BEST Parking Option @ BWI Airport!

Fast, easy and safe parking at airports!

The FastPark Shuttle @ BWI Airport

I visit Atlanta often for meetings with my business group (Traffic Sales & Profit) and I fly out of BWI Airport every time. I drive myself so that I have the convenience of hopping in my car and heading home when I return. I also don’t want to inconvenience anyway with dropping me off, so I drive myself and leave my car at an offsite airport parking lot. I spend a nice amount of change annually on airport parking (lol).

I used to be a fan of another off-site parking company until someone hit my car and they were of no help at all. They don’t even have cameras on the lot to aid in securing your car while you’re away. After that fiasco, I tried another company and baby…I’m in LOVE! FastPark is the absolute BEST!

My favorite features:

  • The free shuttle service picks you up at your car and they’ll even load your luggage for you!

  • In bad weather they will help you clean the snow off your car (Yes, the shuttle driver helped me clean the snow off my car after one of my ATL flights).

  • The frequent parker program is excellent! The ‘Relax for Rewards’ program is totally free to join, and you start earning free days from your first reservation.

Something else I noticed and loved about FastPark was the multiple lots they have for you to choose from when flying out of BWI Airport. One is a little closer to the airport, but pricing is not that much more than the other lot. The rates are super competitive and reasonable. I spent $9 ( a little less actually) a day to safely park my car.

I also love that they have charging lanes for EV’s! The customer service was also fast, efficient and all-around #Fabulous!

So, the next time you need to park at the airport, check out FastPark. Visit to make a reservation today. They have parking facilities in Atlanta, Chicago (just expanded their lot size), Houston, Orlando, Tucson, Austin and Raleigh. My favorite is BWI (lol).

Don’t forget to join their rewards program so you can start earning free days immediately!

Do you use off-site airport parking or do you Uber or Lyft to the airport? Share your airport parking stories in the comments.

Happy parking (lol)!


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