Read Your Manual, Make Them Pages Flap!

Do You Warm Up Your Car in the Winter?

To warm up the car or not, that is the question.

It’s bitterly cold right now on the East Coast. One morning while preparing for work, the weatherman said it was 24 degrees outside. I wanted to hop back in my warm bed and spend the day watching TV. But off to work I had to go.

My poor car doesn’t like the cold at all. She’s like her Momma (lol). But once she’s warmed up and ready, we’re both happy campers. Nothing like heated seats on a cold winters day.

My Dad was a mechanic and he would always warm up my Mom’s car , my sisters and mine so it was nice and toasty when we were ready to leave for work. My brothers were on their own (lol). Nowadays a lot of people say it’s foolish and not required to warm up your car. “It will damage the engine,” they say. Really? It will damage everybody’s engines?

I’ve owned several types and brands of cars and I’ve warmed each of them up for a few minutes in the winter and nothing went wrong. (I’ll tell you why shortly.) People will argue you down (lol) on Facebook. But the reality is, no one car blogger, auto magazine writer, auto reviewer, mechanic or self-proclaimed auto expert knows the requirements of each and every car, brand or model.

What works for your Honda is not going to work for someone’s Ford. What works for your Land Rover is not going to work for my Lincoln. What works for your Porsche will not work for my Maserati and so on.

So here’s what you should do…

Read your owners manual! Make them pages flap (lol)! The company that created your car and secretly tested it on the roads for years before bringing it to market knows what it needs. The brand that manufactured your car, built it from the ground up, created the maintenance schedule and then some…knows best!

Exhibit A: Owners Manual! LOL

If your owner’s manual says to warm your car up for a few seconds or minutes, do exactly that and then drive. If it says the car doesn’t need it, just get in, start up and go, do just that. Don’t post a question on Facebook asking the world. Trust me, chaos will ensue and you still won’t know what to do (lol).

When in doubt read your owners manual.

Hit the road and have fun!

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